Monday, June 29, 2015

What Happened to Subbeerbia?

Or…a brief history of how I got here.

Plank Road Tap Room. Photo: Matthew Tanaka.
Photo: Matt Tanaka

Been a while. Here’s what happened.


Moved to Chicago in 2006. Worked in a miserable job for eight years. Did beer stuff (including this site, events with the Ale to the Burbs gang, a little festival photography) during my sparse free time. Applied to lots and lots of beer jobs in Chicago, but nothing came together. Time marched on.

Last year, two separate opportunities appeared in a totally-not-serendipitous way at all. Took both of ‘em and quit the miserable job. Sold beer via two of the three tiers for approximately 10 months. Learned about retail and distribution from the inside. Sold a decent amount of beer by the pint, bomber, case and keg in a number of Chicagoland beer bars and bottle shops. Worked six days a week between the two jobs, both of which I enjoyed. Quickly discovered I enjoyed one a little bit…ok, quite a bit…more than the other.

Recently, the opportunity to make on job a full-time gig appeared, so now I sell beer at only one place: Plank Road Tap Room in Elgin, Illinois, as well as taken on managerial duties.


So, it's time to get started. A little reorganizing, a pinch of deep cleaning, and a whole lot of pouring beer and talking to people lies ahead. Stop by for a pint sometime.

In the meantime, you can read about my experiences and thoughts on the beer industry in this piece on Working for Beer.

So, what's all this mean for Well, a continued hiatus for now. Perhaps permanently. But you can always follow my exploits elsewhere:



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