I created SubBeerBia in 2012 to fill a gap I saw in the Chicago area craft beer scene. While there were already a lot of beer-related blogs covering events and breweries in the city, I found very little coverage of the pubs, breweries, beer events taking place in the suburbs. So, I brewed up SubBeerBia to mind the gap and shed some light on the growing craft beer scene in the city's outskirts.

That's not to say that I won't occasionally dip into what's going on downtown. The urban and suburban beer communities are tightly woven together here in Chicago. To ignore either would be a mistake. But while I'll certainly be covering events that take place around the city as well, my main focus will be suburban brewers' presence at those events.

It should be noted that due to antiquated laws and such, only those age 21 and over should visit this website. If you're not of drinking age yet, go back to your Snapchats.