Friday, March 1, 2013

SubBeerBia - Craft Beer and Homebrewing in the Chicago Suburbs

Welcome to SubBeerBia!

As a beer lover living in the suburbs of Chicago, I've quickly realized that while the beer scene is rapidly expanding past the city borders, there isn't a whole lot of coverage dedicated to beer events, homebrewing and happenings outside of the city. Thus, SubBeerBia was brewed! will focus on feature-length photo essays about local breweries, pubs, beer events, and homebrewing in the outskirts of the Windy City, as well as discovering out-of-state beers while traveling.

While the SubBeerBia Tumblr account will remain open, its focus will be broader and more social in scope, capturing single images and displaying them in mosaic form for quick digestion and sharing.

If you'd like to connect on an even more minute-by-minute basis, follow @SubBeerBia on Twitter. Don't be shy; I love to connect with beer lovers from all over.

Cheers from the Subbeerbs!

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